Three Little Words

Joy, magic, and love for every child, regardless of circumstance.

Gift giving occasions, like birthdays and holidays, are opportunities to make children feel special, seen, and loved. More important than the gifts themselves are the memories and the smiles they inspire. Every child should be afforded these moments of magic, which is why we’re dedicated to creating exciting and unforgettable experiences for, and with, at-risk children in the foster care system.

Children dream big, especially the youngest among them. Three Little Words recognizes that giving a gift is most meaningful with personal insight into those dreams; that receiving a gift meant just for you can be incredibly moving. Our goal is to mirror the gift giving experience that a child will have in their forever family as much as we can. 

Your generous donations help us buy and deliver these extra special gifts. Our process is different from many of the other amazing gift-giving organizations out there. Partnering with Boys & Girls Aid and their Nest Program in Portland, Oregon, and in association with DHS, we’re paired with awe-inspiring transitional homes and are given insightful details about each child, including their holiday wish lists. Our job is to assemble all of the things they’re hoping for and more, including a stocking full to bursting, based on all we’ve learned about them.

As a result, we accept monetary donations rather than donations of gifts.

The benefits of working this way are many:

  • We can create a bundle of gifts that work together or are centralized around a theme or interest
  • We ensure no duplication or gaps
  • We can keep the gifts highly personalized
  • We are able to track and manage everything from buying to packaging to delivery 
  • As we grow to help more homes near and far, we’re better able to scale our process
  • We’re able to share exactly how your generous donations are being used in support of these kids